Welcome to the isle of Fernando’s – 2014

The isle of Fernando’s is an exotic tourist location which we all would like to visit. It gained its name from the hit TV show take me out, broadcasted on ITV with Bolton comedy genius Paddy McGuinness. For the people who have been living under a rock for the past 3 years, take me out is a TV dating game show which is based on the Australian show Taken out. Isle of Fernando’s is the location which the two luckily paired people get to visit in order to have there first date. Although the island is a beautiful place with great scenery, its doesn’t always end in love and happiness.

Here at isle of Fernando’s our main task is to keep you up to date on whats going on? who`s going on? where is it going on? we will try and do this with pictures, blog posts, videos and we will be sure to update the calender on our events page with all the latest things going on around Fernando’s.

Our other main task is to try and keep you posted on all the activities and competitions which take me out host.

The ITV dating show contains a lot of comedy and the chance for 30 women to become one mans lucky one and join him for a date at Fernando’s, the king to the left, Mr Paddy McGuinness is the man trying to pair these people up. Some may call him cupid McGuinness because when it comes to finding a pair, Mr cupid really does deliver.